Ai But Make it Human 

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People are our greatest assets, the engines that power our creativity. But not all our collaborators are human, not strictly speaking.

At W&CO, generative Ai is the latest tool in our arsenal, like another colleague — or two, or three — working among us. Augmenting our team of creatives and strategists, our researchers, writers and planners.

Of course, the technology is still evolving. But we are embracing the opportunity to test and experiment, leaning on Ai to harvest data, perform cursory research, bend an idea, or drive creative strategies. And rest assured, our team remains firmly at the wheel. They are its guides, its inputters, its editors.

We have entered an exciting new era of man and machine. The ideas are more provocative, the strategies stronger and brands more brilliant. Ai is pushing us to expand our reach, another catalyst for the next contrarian possibility, but always powered by the very human instincts that have long guided us forward.

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