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For the Gentleman in All of Us


A New Lighter Series for Millennial Gentlemen

When BIC looked to create a new line with a more masculine tone, they turned to Watson & Company to design a lighter series that would appeal to the modern gent.


Mood typesmall 1600 0x0x2400x1347 q85
Mood no type 1600 0x0x2400x1347 q85
The Young Millennial
Millennial set 1600 0x0x5000x2800 q85
Mood type2 1600 0x0x2400x1347 q85
The Technologist
Lighter with texture carbon 1600 0x0x5000x2800 q85
Mood no type3 1600 0x0x2400x1347 q85
The Classic Man
Lighter with texture leather 1600 0x0x5000x2800 q85
Bic lifestyle2 1600 0x0x1920x1077 q85
Bic lifestyle2 1600 0x0x1920x1077 q85
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