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Our Commitment to Meaningful Change

Division has been stoked by the tragic killings in the Black community, and we’ve entered a new era where action is the only way forward. We're dedicated to making real change happen within our company and our industry.


1. We acknowledge and understand we’ve been complicit in the structural racism and systematic oppression of the Black community.

2. We will create an open dialogue and education around bias, diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace. Guided by an expert, we will create more inclusivity and lasting structural change.

3. We will address ethnicity gaps and focus on hiring diverse talent within our partnerships, internships and in-house roles.

4. We will a use our platform to amplify voices of people of color through the community driven stories we tell, and talented people that inspire us.

5. We will commemorate the end of slavery in the United States by celebrating Juneteenth as a company holiday. 

6. We will only partner with clients and create work that reflect our values around inclusive representation, community building, and creating a true sense belonging.

7. We will set aside time to volunteer each year for a cause that fights racial injustice. 

We are committed to holding ourselves accountable and doing better. Because all lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter.

The W&CO Team

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